Am I Considered a Writer Yet?

The short answer is yes.

I am technically on my second book, but have yet to finish anything I’ve started.  I gave up at the midway point during my last writing project, and I decided to give myself the gift of a clean slate.

Nanowrimo popped up on my Facebook newsfeed, and I thought Why not?  

So I went for it…I’m on day 19 and I haven’t missed a “wordline” yet.

For those of you who don’t know what nanowrimo is, it’s basically the marathon of writing.  1,700 words a day…for 30 Days and you have a novel.

Well, sort of.  You have something that kind of looks like a novel, because you’ve just sprinted your way into it.  Things can get a little sloppy.

A prime example of this sloppiness is a sentence from my nano (unedited of course)…

“It was her favorite toy.

I watched as the lights went from green,then blue, to amber and back to green again.”

Run-on-sentence much?  It probably has something to do with being up until all hours of the night, writing.  But I’m writing… and my story is coming to life.

(I know, I know, I haven’t answered the million dollar question…I’m getting there…)

A few friends have approached me recently, with bewildered looks on their faces “What? I didn’t know you were a writer?”.  (I know that last question mark is not supposed to be there,  but that’s how they always frame it.  What they really mean to say is “When did you become a writer?”  A politely framed, semi-judgmental-but-not-intentionally-offensive, statement disguised as a question.)

Now, I brought this upon myself, I really did. I welcomed this type of scrutiny with my incessant Facebook posts that usually start with “I’m writing a book” or “This book is stealing my soul” or “What in the heck did I get myself into?”.  I have never been so public about my writing.  Usually my writing never makes it out of my journal.  I’m too self conscious about my personal stories (aren’t we all?).  So, naturally, I wasn’t prepared for this.  It was a simple question…and I found myself struggling to answer it.

I went home that night and questioned myself.  Am I writer? I struggled for a bit.  Sulked for a moment.  Made excuses on why I should just stop this silly nano thing.  But then, something crazy happened.

I opened up my laptop, and wrote anyway.  I don’t care if this story is any good, if it sells more than 5 copies, I don’t care! That’s not why I started this.

I did this for me, because it is my essence.  I lose myself in my writing.  I forget about this beautiful, but sometimes crazy, world that we all exist in, and make up my own.  Anything goes in my made up worlds, anything can happen…

I am a struggling artist.  I’m on a steep learning curve, but yes… I am a writer.



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